Berry C. M.

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C.M. Berry
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A new iridopteridalean from the Devonian of Venezuela [2000/9]
A new plant attributed to Cladoxylopsida from the Middle Devonian of Yunnan Province, China [2006/12]
A new plant from the Xichong Formation (Middle Devonian), South China [2001/8]
A new small plant from the Xichong formation of Yunnan, and discussion on the floral assemblage of late Middle Devonian in south China [2001/10]
A new species of the lycopsid Gilboaphyton Arnold from the Devonian of Venezuela and New York State, with a revision of the closely related genus Archaeosigillaria Kidston [1997/3]
A reconsideration of Dimeripteris cornuta Schweitzer and Cai, a diminutive fossil plant from the Middle Devonian of Yunnan, China [2003/8]
Anapaulia moodyi gen. et sp. nov.: a probable iridopteridalean compression fossil from the Devonian of western Venezuela [1996/10]
Complex branching patterns in a newly recognized species of Compsocradus Berry et Stein (Iridopteridales) from the Middle Devonian of North Xinjiang, China [2011/6]
Mid Devonian megaspores from Yunnan and North Xinjiang, China: their palaeogeographical and palaeoenvironmental significances [2012/1]
Morphological study on the Devonian zosterophyll Serrulacaulis Hueber and Banks: new materials and emendation [2011/12]
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