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J. Hilton
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A new Late Devonian acupulate preovule from the Taft Gorge, South Wales [1996/10]
A novel Late Devonian (Frasnian) woody cladoxylopsid from China [2003/9]
Cordaitalean seed plants from the Early Permian of North China I [2003/1]
Cordaitalean seed plants from the Early Permian of North China II [2009/4]
Cupulate seed plants from the Upper Devonian Upper Old Red Sandstone at Taffs Well, South Wales [2006/12]
Defining the gigantopterid concept: A reinvestigation of Gigantopteris (Megalopteris) nicotianaefolia Schenk and its taxonomic implications [2004/11]
Pollen cones and associated leaves from the Lower Cretaceous of China and a re-evaluation of Mesozoic male cycad cones [2013/10]
The anatomically preserved stem Zhongmingella gen. nov. from the Upper Permian of China: Evaluating the early evolution and phylogeny of the Osmundales [2013/3]
The anatomically preserved tripinnate frond Rothwellopteris pecopteroides gen. et sp. nov. from the Latest Permian of South China: timing the stem to crown group transition in Marattiales [2019/8]
Tiania yunnanense gen. et sp. nov., an osmundalean stem from the Upper Permian of southwestern China previously placed within Palaeosmunda [2014/8]
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