van der Burgh J.

van der
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van der Burgh
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A new species of the freshwater fern Azolla (Azollaceae) from the Eocene Arctic Ocean [2009/5]
Allochthonous seed and fruit floras from the Pliocene of the Lower Rhine basin [1983/10]
Did a single species of Eocene Azolla spread from the Arctic Basin to the southern North Sea? [2010]
Leaves and cuticles from the upper part of the Rhenish browncoal [2000]
Miocene floras in the lower Rhenish Basin and their ecological interpretation [1987/8]
New Ginkgophytes from the Upper Triassic–Lower Cretaceous of Spitsbergen and Edgeøya (Svalbard, Arctic Norway): the history of Ginkgoales on Svalbard [2016/1]
Phialopteris heterophylla (Sternberg ex Göppert, 1836) comb. nov., a rare schizaeaceous fern from the Early Jurassic of Bavaria [2018/8]
Some local floras from the Neogene of the lower Rhenish basin [1988/8]
The freshwater fern Azolla (Azollaceae) from Eocene Arctic and Nordic Sea sediments: new species and their stratigraphic distribution [2013/3]
The Pliocene flora of Fortuna-Garsdorf I. [1978/9]
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